Monday, June 4, 2012

walking, swimming, and more walking

so here in Branson there are so many hills.and were we are staying you can just walk to the pool. sounds nice right??? well it is kind of except for the hills.. walking up those hills is so hard walking up those hills with your   2 year old cousin and your 3 year old cousin. it is really hard to go up the hill holding your 2 year old cousin and then holding your 3 year old cousin's hand.. but that's okay because for one thing i never get to see them. and second i was getting a pretty good work out!! so after all that we went swimming and it felt so good...
anyway i am so happy to be here with all my family. it has already been so much fun.i can't wait for tonight we are having pizza and so is the rest of my family is to!! sounds so good right now!!
and then after dinner i think that we are going back to the pool (in the car this time!)
                      i love my family so much they are awesome!

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