Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mirror Mirror

So tonight my parents went out on a date and when they got home they had brought us something...
and that something was a movie... and that movie was.....


they bought us the movie Mirror Mirror!!!!!!!
thats right we now own this movie it is now our movie!! i really do love this movie it is really good..
oh and P.S no you may not borrow this movie Cases....... not for a long time...

Monday, June 25, 2012


Okay so today was the first day of VBS....
It was really fun.... i was working with 2's and 3's and there were 14 of them and it was busy and loud but it was fun.....now i would tell you more but i have to go pack for middle school camp because we leave this Satrday at 8:00 in the morning and we have VBS everyday until noon all week..so i am going to go pack now wish me luck....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Aunt Bobbie's Dream Came Ture

So today at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. the biggest thing on Aunt Bobbie's bucket list came true today with us....... okay fine i will tell you. it was to pet a penguin. her fav animal in THE WHOLE WORLD and she finally after a lifetime of loveing them and she finally got to pet it..she was so happy and she got her lifelong dream. i am so happy that she is so happy.. i love her so much... you are so awesome i love you so much....

Thnak You BG Products

so today was the BG picnic (that is the place that my dad works) and we got to go to Tangnyika Wildlife Park for free... BG paid for all the employees and there family's to go for free..it was so cool it is such a fun thing to do.. okay so i am going to list the thing's that i did or saw..
1-i got to be inches away from a giraffe... she was so cutie with her big brown eyes
2-i got over my fear of kangaroo's and i pet a baby kangaroo and a kangaroo that had a baby inside it's pouch..
3-i got over my fear of ring-tail lemurs and i fed and let one crawl on me. they are really cutie a really sweet a sooo soft.
4-i got to pet a baby chinchilla....it was so small and soft.....it had really big ears
5- and last but not least i got to pet a penguin..it is so soft and so sweet.. and when it "talked" it sounded like a donkey.. it was so wierd.
and one more thing we got to see baby snow leopard and a baby link..
anyway i LOVED that place and i don't like zoo's but i REALLY liked this it was one of the best things that i have aevera done i LOVED it sooo much....... so let me just say Thank You BG Products for letting us go there and makeing such unforgetable memories....

When Aunt Bobbie Comes To Town

so you never know what will happen when aunt bobbie comes to town. she is so much fun she is awesome she is well there are no words for her. anyway she came over yesterday so no funny stories yet but as soon as there is one i will post it.

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Little Sister

so last night my little sister hannah had a sleep over here at my house.
and so guess who got stuck with the job of making sure that they were quiet??
oh ya that's right IT WAS ME... i was stuck staing up with two 10 year olds that watch Star Wars and play on the wii and eat sugar and sour worms and aspray cheese and crakers all together all mashed up together,,,, ummmmm..... anyway i had to stay up with them until they fell asleep and lets just say that the sugar in there sistem didn't help anything they were up until 3:30 IN THE MORNING.... and they still woke up at 7:00 this morning...... i have no idea how they do it and lets just say they still had to much energy this morning... oh the little ones how do they do it???
one of life long and troubleing things........... Childeren....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is It Just Me

So is it just me or does it seem that you can't understand a single word anyone says when you turn to the Spanish channel???    well is you speak Spanish then you would probably understand but if you are like me then all that you will understand is when the give someone the birdy (you know THE finger) i do under stand that... oh speaking of the (bird) so we were on the way home and we got behind this car and she starts to speed up and we are like a full car away and then all of a sudden
in the middle of her car we see that she is giving us the bird... she gave us the B...I...R....D...... i just don't know why there would EVER EVER need to do that EVER.... i mean it is so i can't even put into words how stupid that move is.... and she did it a total of four times she finally pulled over to let us pass and she gave us one final bird.... anyway back to the Spanish channel one more thing ...you should turn to it (the Spanish channel) and make-up your own words for what you think is going on it is so much fun i do it with all the time with my mom and it is so much fun... you should try it.


Okay so the movie Tangled is one of my favorite movie.... i love that movie!!!

Tangled Poster  

this is a fun family friendly movie that you will want to watch again and again
i am almost 13 and i still love this movie and i watch it all the time so if you haven't seen it you really should even if you know someone (Caleb) who doesn't like it all that much you should watch it anyway it is a fun movie.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Direction

okay so let me tell you that you must here if you have not already herd the band one direction.

Up All Night  
they are really good and you should really listen to there stuff...
well that is if you like music but who doesn't like music i mean you don't have to like music but you really should but that doesn't mean that i wouldn't like you if you didn't like it but........ oh never mind all i am saying is that if you like music then you should check them out.

Too Cutie

So my baby sister is to cutie.. so tonight my baby sister came-up behind me and said i love you sissy..
and although she only said four little words it just melted my heart...
    I love her so much


So this morning at like 9:45 me and Kenna R. went for a walk around my neighborhood and we were walking and talking and then we turned a corner and we just kept walking and talking and then all of a sudden i couldn't canonize were we were and so we said well if we just keep going strait and after doing that for like 30 min. we were TOTALLY and COMPLETELY LOST.. i was loosing my mind i was starting to think of worse case things and Kenna R. is just like well you should have listened to me.and then i say that we should turn around and go back and try to retrace our steps.. so we did and after like 30 more min. we finally made our way back to my house.. lets just say that we were sooooo tired and we about died......... but we didn't and we lived and are here to this day....

Fun Night

so last night Kenna R. spent the night at my house and it was so much fun we went to the theater and watched
and we also watched

and we also watched

it is so funny. we watched a lot more too to it was so fun to have a girls night and next time we will be pranking!!!
so watch out we mite just be pranking you!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


so let me just say that monkey's are sent from HELL to come and slap us all and take over the world(not really i am just saying) and i am sorry if you are a monkey person or believe that we descended from them (but in that case you would be sooo wrong) but they are so i don't know how to put it into words but everything about them just screams bad, creepy, and just flat out scary. so listen to me when i say STAY AWAY FROM THEM AND DO NOT TRUST THEM.

My Busy Summer

so sorry that i haven't posted in a while life and summer have been passing me by to quickly.
so anyway this is like the only week that i am not busy. it feels so good not to HAVE to do anything.
although i am having a sleepover tomorrow night with my best friend Kenna R. and we are going to the movie theater to see the move.

it looks good my little sister and my dad already saw it and said it was good so i guess i will find out tomorrow. and then when we get back from the theater we are going to rent the movie

i have seen it once before and i REALLY liked it.. but it is sooooooo not for children under the age of 12 because it is rated PG-13 and they were right to rate it that but the story was REALLY good.. i really like it. anyway after this week i am working at my churches VBS and after that i have church camp and then i am going to my grandmothers (my moms mom) house for a week and then i am going to my other grandmothers (my dads mom) house for three days then two days after that it is my birthday and then summer is over...
anyway that is why i am very busy that is why i will not have very much time this summer to post very much if at all.. so i am very sorry for that..

Monday, June 11, 2012

i am home

so we are home we got home Friday i have just been to tired to post anyway it feels so good to be home even though i miss my out of town family. i had such a good time in Branson with all of my family it was awesome i loved it. it so much fun!!!  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I am awesome

so i totally beat my family at mini golf no matter what they say i was unstoppable it was awesome....
so if you want to play mini golf agents me......think again..

Dance Mom's

so have you herd of  Dance Mom's???? well if not you could consider yourself lucky but i think that you should because they are so petty and so mean and just flat out stupid...
anyway you should watch it to see what i mean..
so with my cousin's we are not really cousin's we are i mean but we are all like best friends.we are all so close
and like last night me and Jenna and Jilly were at my place and then my little sister stayed with Jilly's little sister
and so i mean that we are cousin's but we are more than just cousin's we are all best friends and even though we might fight and get mad at each other but we will always come back and say "hey i am really sorry would you forgive me" and we always do and then everything goes back to the way it was.. anyway i love my best cousin's..(my best friends) love you guys so much

Monday, June 4, 2012

Loving it

so i love being here in Branson is awesome.. but being here with jilly (my cousin) is so awesome
i love being with my family!!  you are awesome jilly love you girl!

walking, swimming, and more walking

so here in Branson there are so many hills.and were we are staying you can just walk to the pool. sounds nice right??? well it is kind of except for the hills.. walking up those hills is so hard walking up those hills with your   2 year old cousin and your 3 year old cousin. it is really hard to go up the hill holding your 2 year old cousin and then holding your 3 year old cousin's hand.. but that's okay because for one thing i never get to see them. and second i was getting a pretty good work out!! so after all that we went swimming and it felt so good...
anyway i am so happy to be here with all my family. it has already been so much fun.i can't wait for tonight we are having pizza and so is the rest of my family is to!! sounds so good right now!!
and then after dinner i think that we are going back to the pool (in the car this time!)
                      i love my family so much they are awesome!

Mom's And Dad's

so i am pretty sure that my parents are the only ones that let you have cookie's for breakfast or have cake and ice-cream for breakfast...  unfortunately that is only on special occasions.. (I'm working with them on that issue) anyway this is the first morning here in Branson and i can't wait for the rest of the week to start... it is going to be so much fun being here with all my Terrell family and you Jenna love you guys.   

Sunday, June 3, 2012


So dad's what can we say about dad's???
dad's are the ones that will probably push you the hardest.. the ones that are in the stands saying come on you can do better i know you can.. and my dad does do that but here are his specialties are trying my home aid cooking experiments.. taking my spot on the couch... but there is also the side of him that is loving and playful and so much more than anyone can put into words...here is a picture of my loving daddy. anyway i may not like it sometimes but i would never ever change or trade him for anything..
        I Love You So Much Daddy You Are The Best..


so what can anyone say about mom's???
well some are super cool and do what ever you ask them to do (but i have never seen one of those mom's before that's why i think that they are a myth) anyway i am going to tell you what kind of mom i was blessed with.. well my mom is the kind that goes to every soccer game and yells for both teams weather it is on purpose or not... she is the mom that every time an 80's song comes on goes right to your side and grabs you in her arms and sings to you while she has the best expression's and just sings (fun time's) she is also the mom that yells marco....polo.... in the middle of the store. anyway sometimes it may be a little weird but at the end of the day you end up with a lot of good and funny memories and if i had the chance to have that mythical mom that i talked about i would not even think twice about it.... i would never ever think about trading my mom for anything. she may make me bad sometimes or punish me but at the end of the day i know that she did it for my own good and by the way i think that she is pretty cool mom....
                          I Love You Mommy!! P.S don't ever change i love you just the way you are!!


so right now i am here with Jenna in Branson!!!
this week is going to AWESOME!!!

We Are Finally Here

So we are finally here in Branson and it feels so nice to be out of the car.
and i can't wait to start the week.. and can't wait to go swimming with jenna!!
                                 i can't wait!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tonight And Tomorrow

Tonight we are doing last minute packing or in my case all my packing..
And tomorrow we are leaving to go on vacation!!
i can't wait which means that i probably won't get any sleep.. bummer.. but that's fine i will most likely sleep in the car anyway.. so one more thing to my cousin jenna see you tomorrow. love you girl can't wait to see you there..

David Archuleta

Okay so if  you don't know who David Archuleta is he was on American idol in 2008 and he was the runner up.anyway  i love him and his music.and if you have never seen him i am so sorry for that.. but here are a few pictures.............................................. just to let you know he is sooooo cutie....

he is so cutie.and he has the best smile.

just look at him....

i love him he is super and just look at his smile.

anyway you should start to listening to his music it is really good
and plus he is super cutie..


so i am finally doing some packing and it is so not fun to do at the last minute...
so if any of you are going somewhere don't wait till the last minute like i did...
and if you are going somewhere have fun and remember to pack before the last minute..because it is so not fun.


so what is a good breakfast??
well it could be eggs and bacon..
or it could pancakes or waffles..
while thought's do sound good i  would rather have a soggy bowl of cereal.. that is the best...yummmmmm
not really i don't do soggy cereal.... who does??? really who does i mean that's fine if someone does i just think that's not good but if someone does that is fine i just don't think so because..oh never mind.. i'm going to go pack....

Friday, June 1, 2012


so what do i say about KyAnn??
well what can anyone say about KyAnn???
well she is loud,silly and just flat out weird..
but she is also funny,sweet.daring,outgoing,fun to be with and much more...
anyway this is for you KyAnn-Toco!!!
                    Love you girl (Babe) it's okay if you don't know what i mean it's an inside joke!!!


so have you ever bin so bored that you go sit in your car and tern to the Spanish channel??
i have i did it just tonight?? p.s i don't speak Spanish..

A Lesson in listening

okay so you know you should probably start listening to your 2 year old sister when she yells from her bed "poopy, or ucky, or poopy..... anyway lessens learned i guess...
oh i guess you would probably you would probably like to know.... so here it is.
okay so this morning buguboo (the 2 year old my baby sister) was yelling in her bed "i poopy", "baby (her special blanket)  ucky"or " diaper off" as it happens she was more than just she HAD taken her diaper of AND her baby (her blanket) was ucky AND she was poopy she had taken her diaper off and she was poopy so the poop got everywhere it was so disgusting and the smell was so....so...so....
anyway i guess next time i will listen to my baby sister!!!