Sunday, April 15, 2012

The 4 main guys of 2 very popular movies (who is better?)

so i am going to name three movies that have two main guys or to leading guys and one leading is the first one is the movie is Hunger Games
And the leading guys are

Josh Hutcherson (Peeta)

                                                                                         Liam Hemsworth (Gale)

And the last movie is Twilight
the leading guys are

Robert Pattinson (Edward)
                                                                                   Taylor Lautner (Jacob)

okay so i am going to tell you the teams that i am on. the first one is  team Peeta all the way i mean he is a better character than Gale (Liam Hemsworth) and i mean look at him at least i think that Peeta is better unless you are Landon then he is team Gale (Liam Hemsworth) or team (Wood Harrelson!)
the second one is  team Edward (Robert Pattinson) i like his character way better and he i pretty cutie i mean Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is fine but i like Edward more!
                                                                             Always & Truly

Monday, April 9, 2012


Okay so today was the last day of my home school group for this semester and so many of my friends are going to a high school or privet high school next year and lest just say that someone that is going to privet school next year (Josh) is a little emotional and though he may not admit it we all know that he needed that tishew box that we gave him.(P.s he was not acutely that emotional it was just a joke!)
anyway all you who are in my home school group that are leaving whether it was your humor or your love of black and white movies (caleb) or your emotional ness or your love of butterfly's i will miss you all. so let me just say that it has bin a great couple of years with you all!
and i hope that witch ever school you go to will help you in your life.
             you guys are all awesome
                                                                      Always & Truly

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Easter

okay so i don't know what you do for easter but me and my family go to church were this morning my dad sang in serves (he was AMAZING by the way!) then after that we went to my dads moms house and had a fantastic lunch then after that me (kenzie) and my cousin Jenna and my other cousin Jilly went out side and we couldn't figure out what to do so we ran around the yard aimlessly! fun right.then my aunt Jeannie ALWAYS makes these things called jello eggs they are kind of hard to explain but what they are are these things of jello shaped like an egg and are made of jello.....okay so they aren't that hard to describe anyway they are sooo good.then after that we go on a easter egg hunt and yes i go on the hunt to because you can never be to old to go on an easter egg hunt and push your cousin out of the way to get the best egg. so we did it and i got to collect 24 eggs and after that we finished our time there in sugar rushes!all in all i and a WONDERFUL day (p.s i said WONDERFUL for you dad!)
                                                                               Always & Truly  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

some of my favorite things

okay so i am going to tell you what my favorite movies are to start off.
1) Hunger Games
The Hunger Games Poster

2) Beastly
Beastly Poster
IT looks scary but it is NOT

3) Bridge To Terabithia
Bridge to Terabithia Poster
And guess who is in it Josh Hutcherson as a little kid!!

4) the little mermaid
The Little Mermaid Poster
okay those are just a few of my favorite movies here are some of my favorite books

1) miss match
Miss Match: A Lauren Holbrook Novel [Book]
there are three books total this is the first one
i love this book it is so good so are the other ones
2) Hunger Games
Hunger games.jpg
there are also two other books in this series. i love this book so much
those are just two of the many books that i like.
my favorite food is my moms homemade pizza my favorite, color is blue,my favorite house is my house! this is just some of my favorite things.
                                                                                      Always & Truly  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Random

okay so i babysat this morning and watching those little kid shows showed me more like reminded me how simple there lives really are i mean like all the talk about is how you can't pick your nose i public and then that got me thinking how they eat it (there bugger) and that got me of how i was hungry for a burger then i remberd that i couldn't because i was babysitting.then i started to play with him and that got me tired and then that got me thinking of how tired i was and that i wanted to take a nap (but he did NOT want to) and thinking of a dream that i had the dream was "how i went to the zoo in a big tea cup and it had jello in it and people random people kept walking by and eating it.the thing that got me was how they all had a spoon at the zoo.any way that is it i just thought you all should know

                                                                               Always & Truly

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hunger Games

Okay so i know everyone has herd of the Hunger Games and i just want to say that i love that movie and the book i read the book and it of course is way better than the movie but the movie was supper good.Okay and lest just say the main guy Josh Hutcherson is sooo cutie i mean like really cutie.And the other main guy Liam Hemsworth is very cutie but Josh Hutcherson is way cutier any way here is a pic of them.
                                                                                      look at his smile....... oh man!
he is sooooo cutie...... oh man!

look at him.... oh man!                                                   
 This is Josh Hutcherson!              


                                                                                       and this is Liam Hemsworth

i mean don't get me wrong Liam Hemsworth is very cutie i just think that Josh Hutcherson is cutier.And here is a pic of the Hunger Games book so that you can look for it and read it!

              Hunger games.jpg
I hope that if you read it or see it you will love it as much as me!
                                                                         Always & Truly