Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hunger Games

Okay so i know everyone has herd of the Hunger Games and i just want to say that i love that movie and the book i read the book and it of course is way better than the movie but the movie was supper good.Okay and lest just say the main guy Josh Hutcherson is sooo cutie i mean like really cutie.And the other main guy Liam Hemsworth is very cutie but Josh Hutcherson is way cutier any way here is a pic of them.
                                                                                      look at his smile....... oh man!
he is sooooo cutie...... oh man!

look at him.... oh man!                                                   
 This is Josh Hutcherson!              


                                                                                       and this is Liam Hemsworth

i mean don't get me wrong Liam Hemsworth is very cutie i just think that Josh Hutcherson is cutier.And here is a pic of the Hunger Games book so that you can look for it and read it!

              Hunger games.jpg
I hope that if you read it or see it you will love it as much as me!
                                                                         Always & Truly

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