Friday, July 20, 2012

Remembering i can't wait!!

so yesterday through this morning we were at my Nana's house and it made me think of next week..
next week is cousins camp!!!!!!!and this time my cousin Elizabeth ((who is three) will join us girls in all the awesome new fun and existing times! oh my goodness i can't wait to be back and see all of my girl cousins!!!okay i will list them all out
1-Anne (she is my sister who is 14 (she is the one who i call Rapunzel)
2-and then there is me! Kenzie
3-Marie who is 12
4-Elaine who is 11
5-Rhea who is 10 who is my sister too
6-Gracie who is 9
7- Sparkles who is 7 who is also my sister
and last but certainly not least we have
8-Elizabeth who is three
and there are all of us
i can't wait for this it is going to be so much fun.....
oh i almost forgot one of the best parts we are studying the fruit of the spirit from the bible and i can't wait to here what everyone thinks about that like what there opinion's are my cousins always have great thoughts on what ever we study so does my Nana...
anyway i will hopefully be posting about it next week as it happens! until next time yours truly Kenzie!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Being Happy and Smile's

so one of the things that i love is when people smile....whether i know them or whether i helped them smile or not. i love it when people smile......let me make something clear you can't just smile you have to be happy...well i know that you can't be happy all the time but you can sure try and if you do....your life will be a whole lot happier...

Big Miracle

so this afternoon me my sisters (Rapunzel,peanut,and sparkles) and my gran parents (doc,and dopey) watched the movie the Big Miracle
Big Miracle Poster

and it was pretty good it was inspired by a true story about three whales that were trapped in the ice....i think that you should at least once..anyway i hope you at least get to see it at least one time.
and you will probably upload at the end just like me and my family did!!fun times!!!

Awesome Possum

so have you ever herd that you were the colors that you most feel like that day????
well today i am very happy and my cloths show it...and Kenna R. knows why...
one more thing well a couple things anyway here are some very cheesy sayings
1-Awesome Possum
2-See You Later Alligator
3-Okaie Dokie Smokie
and i know that there is more but i can't think of any more right now but when i do i will post them..

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

some of my favorite artists

okay here are some of my favorite artists..
sidewalk prophets the "words i would say"
and then there is the band perry "if i die young"
then there is lady antebellum "we owned the night"
and there are so many more but i will just put one more it is by Katy perry "part of me"
okay on this last one there is like this well on never mind you will see hope you guys like them
as much as i do..oh and i know that this is a Katy perry and i don't like her that much but i love this song it is really good so just give it a chance

Day 3 = i love this song

okay so my sister Rapunzel showed me this and i just love is "just the way you are"by Anthem lights

i just love this so thank you to my sister for showing me this amazing song!!!thank you!!!! and i hope that you guys love it as much as me

Day 3 = Sunburn? or Tan?

so i don't if i have a sunburn or a tan i guess i will find out sooner rather than later..
but i do know who did get a sunburn my little sister peanut she is 10 and she thinks that she knows best.......well i would beg to differ....she so does not know best obviously i do because who told her to put sunscreen????oh ya me i guess she will listen next time either that or she will get fried just like yesterday....yep that's right i am very smart.....sometimes.....okay not that often but when i am it is something you should listen to....yep true that...