Thursday, May 31, 2012

List's......List's.......and more......List's

So when ever we start to get ready to go on vacation my mom always makes list's for everything and by everything i mean everything. we have a list for what we are eating on vacation and for the food that we are bringing on vacation.we also have list's that are for clothes.. don't get me wrong i would probably fall apart without my list's. i really need list's it's just that every time i turn around someone is asking me for there list's... anyway i just can't wait until we leave for vacation!!!
but i really do love my list's!! p.s don't take my list's or else.....

when your little

when your little everything is so much more simple and some what easy..
when your little and you are singing one of your favorite songs and you think that you know all the words and you actually don't know them but you make them up it is a lot more cutie when you are like five or six but when you or 12 almost 13 ya not so cutie....


okay so jenna how do you describe jenna????
well jenna is someone who is very funny,easily distracted,she can also be distracting herself (sometimes)
she is also sweet,loving,awesome, and much more but she is also my cousin and also most importantly
she is one of my best friends in the whole world and i love her with all my heart she is so very special  to me and i think that everyone should know her.. and there are very few people that my life would not whole without and she is one of them and i am so happy that she is in my life!
                                         I love you so much Jenna!!

what is family for???

so let me ask you a question.
here it is......... what are family's for??
some mite say well my family is there to help me and give me money.
some mite say well my family is  here to give me what ever i need..... well in those cases my family is neither my family is more like..... hey did you know that you have fat feet??
or hey you know that you have a something on your face... oh wait that is just your face...
well of course we say it with love and most or the time we are joking..
anyway i would never ever change anything about my........... special family!!
                                                  i love my family!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

i'm good!!

so you know how i sad that my bestie was was gone???
Well i did anyway she did not even tell my that they were back before i knew!! i just all of a sudden herd a voice that said that they were back!!...... Okay....... confession....... time what really happened was my besties little bro called and said that they were back......... but still my bestie didn't tell me :)
anyway she is back and my life is complete again lol !!!


 so the show Psych is super funny and if you have not seen it than you should i love it 
it is the show to watch when you feel sad because it is just soooooo funny

Psych Poster

look for it it is awesome and supper funny!!  so let me just say one more time if you have not seen this you REALLY should!!!!

Is it just me?

is it just me??
to me it seams that when your 2 year old sister is having a bad day we ALL have a baad day..
and is also seams that if momma an't happy an't nobody happy.... (actually that os soooo true so don't get momma mad) so latly my little 2 year old sister has just bin getting everybodys gout or steaming everybodys clams.... (i like those two frases i think that they are funny!!) anyway whenever she gets in trubble she will look at you with her big blue eyes and say "hi,  hello, ohhhhh, hi," it is so cutie and after she says that you for get what she did.... untill she does it all over again... iets really old having her come up to you and stroke your hair saying "i sorry sorry"
anyway at the end of the day it is all worth it when she says "i wove you sissy" (she calls me sissy)
i love her so much dispiteall of that and nothing can ever change that!!
i love you buguboo!!
                                                           Always & Truly

Lost.. i think??

okay so my bestie is gone...
well not gone gone she is not dead or anything she is just in Arkansas right now she has been gone for like 7 months (not really she has only been gone like a week but still i feel so lots so empty so... so.... so.... 
actually i just feel board.. but that's fine because i have ALOT o packing to do i just have not gotten around to doing it.. which i probably should becausee i will not be here Friday or Saturday and i am leaving Sunday morning so really should do some packing but i mean it won't take that long will it???
okay so i don't know about you but i hate butty shorts and it seems like that's all that out there now of days so what i do is take some old jeans and cut them to the length that you want and then you save money and
get some shorts that are the length that you like!!
  anyway i am  just so lost and so.... so..... so.... oh never mind i am going to just go pack now...
                                                            Always & Truly

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Okay so in just five days me and my family are leaving for vacation!! we are going with my dads side (so his mom dad and brothers and there family's) to Bronson for a whole week!! ya i am so exited...
oh ya my aunt Libby had a baby last week!! here is a  picture!!!
her name Lucy Annabell sh is supper cuite!!

Inline image 2

Any way i get to see her and all my other cousins very very soon!!!
i can't wait and just look at my cousin is soooooooo cuite isn't she??
it's okay i know she is i mean look at her anyway i just can't wait to see all my family!!
                                                                        Always & Truly

Thank You

I would just like to say a late thank you to all the people out there that have served in the military.
for giving your time and energy to protect me and every body else.. i have many family members who have served and i know haw hard it is to leave and do that but so many people do and with out them this world would be a very different place so thank you so much and you all will be in my prayers.... Thank You so much

                                       Always & Truly

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Fun!

So summer fun. what is summer fun??
is summer fun eating ice-cream until you can't move??
is it swimming until you are all wrinkled like a raisin??
I could go on and on but i think that i will just tell you what i think it is.....
i think that summer fun is spending time with friends family and loved ones seeing those family members that live 18:00 hours away. summer can also be a time to go out side or a place o be alone and just take that opportunity to read your bible or just talk to GOD. because it is very hard to do that sort of thing in the school year.. any way this summer i have some challenges for you and myself..
1) read your bible and talk to GOD
2) spend time with family friends and loved ones
3) and just have fun this summer (even if your idea is eating ice-cream until you can't move or swimming until you look like a raisin) 
                                                        Have Fun This Summer!!

                                                          Always & Truly 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

meamow and papa

meamow. tomorrow i am going to meamow's and i can't wait she is awesome i love her so much!
she is the best and i also can't wait to see my papa he is pretty awesome to!
i love them both so much
                                                            Always & Truly