Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Fun!

So summer fun. what is summer fun??
is summer fun eating ice-cream until you can't move??
is it swimming until you are all wrinkled like a raisin??
I could go on and on but i think that i will just tell you what i think it is.....
i think that summer fun is spending time with friends family and loved ones seeing those family members that live 18:00 hours away. summer can also be a time to go out side or a place o be alone and just take that opportunity to read your bible or just talk to GOD. because it is very hard to do that sort of thing in the school year.. any way this summer i have some challenges for you and myself..
1) read your bible and talk to GOD
2) spend time with family friends and loved ones
3) and just have fun this summer (even if your idea is eating ice-cream until you can't move or swimming until you look like a raisin) 
                                                        Have Fun This Summer!!

                                                          Always & Truly 

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