Thursday, July 28, 2011


okay so i know it may be a little weird but today is my best friends birthday!!!! we have been best buds since forever we are the same age she is only one (DAY) older than me :) i lover her sooo much (as a friend :)
i call her cow girl because she goes all southern on me!!!!!
and today is also my dads moms birthday my grandma (nana) she is awesome i love her soooooooo much.
okay well my birthday is tomorrow yeah i am so happy this is the first birthday that my mom and dad have been here except my very first birthday but that does not count because i can not remember it any way they will be here i am so happy this is ALL i have really wanted for a long time!!!!
my one wish is coming true yeah!!!! i am sooooo happy!!!

has any of your wishes come true????
well mine will tomorrow!!!!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

little rocker

  Okay so me and my sister babysat last night.for this little dude!  we called him little rocker he was awesome!!!!

                                              isn't he such a cutie!!!
                                             we and my sister had a great time :)
                                    he showed us everything that he loved to play with!!
                                         and he showed us his silly faces
 this little guy was awesome i loved playing with him. he showed us very funny games
i hope we get to watch him again!!!!!!


Sunday, July 24, 2011


this is my youngest sister we call her bug
                        she loves everything and everybody :)
                                                she may like wierd things
                                         but she is awesome
                                         she loves to clap!!
                                           isn't she cuite i love her soooo much!!
                               one of the things about her is she loves life and everything and everyboby
                               she is amaizing i love you bug!!!!     


blog i love

okay well there are some blog that i love i will tell you two (1) my moms hers is ( )     And number (2) is my sisters blog here it is                                                                                                           ( )
Please look at them they are awesome they all give a different version of my life at home!


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Okay well my birthday is coming up and i always have it my memaw's because my mom and dad go to a camp for foster kids and they change those Kid's lives so i guess i can give up sharing by birthday! any way this year they will be with me! so i went to my memaw's and sh threw me a party it was awesome the on thin i asked for she got it for me it was (chocolate and apple juice)! thank you Memaw i love you.



okay well just just say (Rango) is NOT a family movie it has language and it shows alcohol and someone smoking and rude hummer it had some funny parts but i would not suggest it. So if tonight you are looking for a family movie and you say (hay how about  RANGO LOOK ELSEWHERE !


Friday, July 22, 2011


Okay i am posting from my memaw`s house she is the bets i love her sooooo much she does so much for everybody and she does not have to but she does because she loves us and every one else and she teaches me something new every day so i guess i just want to say i LOVE YOU MEMAW

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Okay well let me just say that last week and this last week were not the best for me and i will tell you why.well last week on Thursday i was opening a can and i tried to pull the lid off and my finger slipt and it sliced my finger opened and my mom saw and she raped a cloth around it and because it was bleeding so much my whole family thought that i would get stitches bet because my mom held my finger so tight i did not have to all i got was some sticky strips to hold it together for a few days. at the end of the day mom saved the day THANK YOU MOM!....

     Then this last Wednesday i hit my foot on the corner of a plant table and it made a popping noise and so my mom said to put ice on it  so i did and the next morning i told her that it still hurt and she said that i would be okay so yesterday sense i was still complaining she took a look and it was is swollen and has a vary BIG bruise and so we showed my dad when he got home and my mom and dad said that it might be broken and so that is all i know right now i will keep you guys updated. until then i remain yours truly