Saturday, July 2, 2011


Okay well let me just say that last week and this last week were not the best for me and i will tell you why.well last week on Thursday i was opening a can and i tried to pull the lid off and my finger slipt and it sliced my finger opened and my mom saw and she raped a cloth around it and because it was bleeding so much my whole family thought that i would get stitches bet because my mom held my finger so tight i did not have to all i got was some sticky strips to hold it together for a few days. at the end of the day mom saved the day THANK YOU MOM!....

     Then this last Wednesday i hit my foot on the corner of a plant table and it made a popping noise and so my mom said to put ice on it  so i did and the next morning i told her that it still hurt and she said that i would be okay so yesterday sense i was still complaining she took a look and it was is swollen and has a vary BIG bruise and so we showed my dad when he got home and my mom and dad said that it might be broken and so that is all i know right now i will keep you guys updated. until then i remain yours truly


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