Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wonderful Christmas

what is a wonderful Christmas?
well for my family it is when we get together eat very good food,open the gifts that we made for each other.but it is also were when someone falls asleep someone pulls out there pone and records someone snoring and makes it there ring tone it is also were you just sit on the couch and just sit there simply because if they get up they might just barf.
any way it still makes it a wonderful christmas.
                                                                  i love my family!


What is family?
is family there to make your life essayer, to help you when you need it, to laugh at all your jokes, to tell you what ever you want to hear, or to give you whatever you want?

well  they are there to help you when you need it but.
i don't know about your family but mine....
     my family will tell you your but looks big in those pants,that your hair looks not so good like that,that that attitude really sucks right then and that if you don't change it they will change it for you.
  my family is the family that at thanksgiving will have the all so funny and all so awkward
conversations.and my family is the family that in the middle of walmart stop and yell mark ow polo. they also yell your full name in the middle of walmart.
but i think that my family is so awesome because these embarrassing thing are the thing that change you for the better they make you a better person because my family is the family that none can ever forget and that's why i think that my family is the best family ever!
so this Christmas i was so thankful for an amazing family that will judge you but they will judge you not to be mean or to hurt you but to make you a better person.
so thank you Lord for family.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Cristmas

i just want to say Merry Christmas from me kenzie and i hope your holiday is filled with many wonderful memory's and family.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Okay well today is my little sisters birthday. Okay well she is not little anymore (right now i am crying)she is growing up so quickly and it is sooo not cool.But i guess i will still love her!this little girl is one of the best people i know and she is so sweet,loving,caring and she always has to make sure that everyone has been taken care of or fed first and she hats to be a burden so she NEVER EVER complains about anything at all.and she is just so special i cant put it into words i love her so much and i guess i just want to say happy birthday little sister i love you so much and i hope you liked the surprise that mom had for you!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

Okay so tonight was my play and i think i did really good and i think very one else did really good too.Tomorrow night i will do the play again and all there sets of grandparents are coming (love you guys) any way i am going to need prayers from all of you guy.                                     

Monday, November 28, 2011

play and prayers

Okay i am in a play it is Alice in Wonderland and i am the white rabbit  and we are doing a school show tomorrow and i am kind of nerves but not really.
i also need prayers because my uncle fell of a ladder and broke his back.
he is in the hospital right now and he ma be able to go home to night but he may have to stay over night. but i think prayers would really help so please keep him in your prayers that would be awesome.
thank you guys so much.
  your truly

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bloom! Magazine

okay well you guys HAVE to go to this site ( it is awesome i know the editor she is sooo cool and you can tell that everybody puts a lot of work into please go look!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Temporary Sister

okay well you all know my little sister well she was my foster sister and she may not be coming back to me and my family... if you could see me right now you would wish you hadn't i am UGLY crying i already miss her soooo much.. you would think that it would be hard for her to be apart of my family and that it would be hard for my family but it was like she had been with us forever.. so as you can imagine it was so hard for us all me and my mom and sisters were BOILING on the couch then mt dad got home and he started to cry too.. it feels like apart of my family was missing..

                                         no matter what happens she will always be in my heart
                       i love her like she was my own sister she was sweet,loving new how to get attention!
                  i do not know what God has in store for her but like my dad said"it does not matter if we see her again because we made a difference in that little girls life and we treated her like she was our sister and we loved her and we showed her Gods love". but no matter what she will alwayse have a home and love with us.. and let me say that we did that because she needed us and we needed her.         


Thursday, July 28, 2011


okay so i know it may be a little weird but today is my best friends birthday!!!! we have been best buds since forever we are the same age she is only one (DAY) older than me :) i lover her sooo much (as a friend :)
i call her cow girl because she goes all southern on me!!!!!
and today is also my dads moms birthday my grandma (nana) she is awesome i love her soooooooo much.
okay well my birthday is tomorrow yeah i am so happy this is the first birthday that my mom and dad have been here except my very first birthday but that does not count because i can not remember it any way they will be here i am so happy this is ALL i have really wanted for a long time!!!!
my one wish is coming true yeah!!!! i am sooooo happy!!!

has any of your wishes come true????
well mine will tomorrow!!!!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

little rocker

  Okay so me and my sister babysat last night.for this little dude!  we called him little rocker he was awesome!!!!

                                              isn't he such a cutie!!!
                                             we and my sister had a great time :)
                                    he showed us everything that he loved to play with!!
                                         and he showed us his silly faces
 this little guy was awesome i loved playing with him. he showed us very funny games
i hope we get to watch him again!!!!!!


Sunday, July 24, 2011


this is my youngest sister we call her bug
                        she loves everything and everybody :)
                                                she may like wierd things
                                         but she is awesome
                                         she loves to clap!!
                                           isn't she cuite i love her soooo much!!
                               one of the things about her is she loves life and everything and everyboby
                               she is amaizing i love you bug!!!!     


blog i love

okay well there are some blog that i love i will tell you two (1) my moms hers is ( )     And number (2) is my sisters blog here it is                                                                                                           ( )
Please look at them they are awesome they all give a different version of my life at home!


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Okay well my birthday is coming up and i always have it my memaw's because my mom and dad go to a camp for foster kids and they change those Kid's lives so i guess i can give up sharing by birthday! any way this year they will be with me! so i went to my memaw's and sh threw me a party it was awesome the on thin i asked for she got it for me it was (chocolate and apple juice)! thank you Memaw i love you.



okay well just just say (Rango) is NOT a family movie it has language and it shows alcohol and someone smoking and rude hummer it had some funny parts but i would not suggest it. So if tonight you are looking for a family movie and you say (hay how about  RANGO LOOK ELSEWHERE !


Friday, July 22, 2011


Okay i am posting from my memaw`s house she is the bets i love her sooooo much she does so much for everybody and she does not have to but she does because she loves us and every one else and she teaches me something new every day so i guess i just want to say i LOVE YOU MEMAW

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Okay well let me just say that last week and this last week were not the best for me and i will tell you why.well last week on Thursday i was opening a can and i tried to pull the lid off and my finger slipt and it sliced my finger opened and my mom saw and she raped a cloth around it and because it was bleeding so much my whole family thought that i would get stitches bet because my mom held my finger so tight i did not have to all i got was some sticky strips to hold it together for a few days. at the end of the day mom saved the day THANK YOU MOM!....

     Then this last Wednesday i hit my foot on the corner of a plant table and it made a popping noise and so my mom said to put ice on it  so i did and the next morning i told her that it still hurt and she said that i would be okay so yesterday sense i was still complaining she took a look and it was is swollen and has a vary BIG bruise and so we showed my dad when he got home and my mom and dad said that it might be broken and so that is all i know right now i will keep you guys updated. until then i remain yours truly


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay i am sorry that i have not potted in a while i have just been so busy that i lost track of time.. So let me back up a little bit. Okay so let me start at Christmas so you know you have some special dinner for Christmas well guess what i had okay well don't actually guess that would be kind of hard so i will just tell you i got (McDonald's!) yes i know what you are thinking but it was because my dad (GOT) the opertunity to sing with his brothers (did i menchen that my dad and his brothers are amazing they are the best this is there website ( i am so proud of my dad..) then when Christmas was over we were busy with my big sisters b-day then my baby sisters b-day then my moms b-day. Then me and my fam moved to a dinferent church and i was so strest that i could not even make a post. then last night my home school group had our performense and i was so nervas that forgot to make a post. so now i am cot up.and now you know my crazy life

Saturday, February 5, 2011


today is my baby sisters birthday she is six!!!!

i see were she gets it :)

the point is that no matter how mad or happy she is
she will always be my little sister... and no matter what she will allways be growing up :(

Thursday, February 3, 2011


okay so i am watching American idol and it is so funny how many of these people acutely think that they can sing. i do not want to be mean but it is just really bad i mean they are so tone def.i just want to know in what world do they think that they are.... oh and one guy quit college to do this and he was tribal.. i mean gag me with a spoon already tribal!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi there my name is kenzie and i am eleven almost twelve okay well i have six months till i am but still it is pretty close right?? okay do not answer that.. eny way i would be really happy if some one would follow my blog.. okay i guess i should tell you some stuff about me well i love the collor pink i like to eat my moms home ad pizza i have three sisters two younger and one older. i have a dog and HER name is Maggie... oh and a mom and dad who love ME!!!







And that is my family!!