Friday, August 5, 2011

Temporary Sister

okay well you all know my little sister well she was my foster sister and she may not be coming back to me and my family... if you could see me right now you would wish you hadn't i am UGLY crying i already miss her soooo much.. you would think that it would be hard for her to be apart of my family and that it would be hard for my family but it was like she had been with us forever.. so as you can imagine it was so hard for us all me and my mom and sisters were BOILING on the couch then mt dad got home and he started to cry too.. it feels like apart of my family was missing..

                                         no matter what happens she will always be in my heart
                       i love her like she was my own sister she was sweet,loving new how to get attention!
                  i do not know what God has in store for her but like my dad said"it does not matter if we see her again because we made a difference in that little girls life and we treated her like she was our sister and we loved her and we showed her Gods love". but no matter what she will alwayse have a home and love with us.. and let me say that we did that because she needed us and we needed her.         


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