Thursday, July 28, 2011


okay so i know it may be a little weird but today is my best friends birthday!!!! we have been best buds since forever we are the same age she is only one (DAY) older than me :) i lover her sooo much (as a friend :)
i call her cow girl because she goes all southern on me!!!!!
and today is also my dads moms birthday my grandma (nana) she is awesome i love her soooooooo much.
okay well my birthday is tomorrow yeah i am so happy this is the first birthday that my mom and dad have been here except my very first birthday but that does not count because i can not remember it any way they will be here i am so happy this is ALL i have really wanted for a long time!!!!
my one wish is coming true yeah!!!! i am sooooo happy!!!

has any of your wishes come true????
well mine will tomorrow!!!!!


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