Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay i am sorry that i have not potted in a while i have just been so busy that i lost track of time.. So let me back up a little bit. Okay so let me start at Christmas so you know you have some special dinner for Christmas well guess what i had okay well don't actually guess that would be kind of hard so i will just tell you i got (McDonald's!) yes i know what you are thinking but it was because my dad (GOT) the opertunity to sing with his brothers (did i menchen that my dad and his brothers are amazing they are the best this is there website (www.heartsjourny.net) i am so proud of my dad..) then when Christmas was over we were busy with my big sisters b-day then my baby sisters b-day then my moms b-day. Then me and my fam moved to a dinferent church and i was so strest that i could not even make a post. then last night my home school group had our performense and i was so nervas that forgot to make a post. so now i am cot up.and now you know my crazy life

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