Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lost.. i think??

okay so my bestie is gone...
well not gone gone she is not dead or anything she is just in Arkansas right now she has been gone for like 7 months (not really she has only been gone like a week but still i feel so lots so empty so... so.... so.... 
actually i just feel board.. but that's fine because i have ALOT o packing to do i just have not gotten around to doing it.. which i probably should becausee i will not be here Friday or Saturday and i am leaving Sunday morning so really should do some packing but i mean it won't take that long will it???
okay so i don't know about you but i hate butty shorts and it seems like that's all that out there now of days so what i do is take some old jeans and cut them to the length that you want and then you save money and
get some shorts that are the length that you like!!
  anyway i am  just so lost and so.... so..... so.... oh never mind i am going to just go pack now...
                                                            Always & Truly

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