Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun Times

Okay so today witch is July 15th is the first day of a whole week of camping!
okay so not really camping because we are staying in an RV but still the point stands that i am not really a camping kind of person i mean don't get me wrong every once and a while it is fun BUT to all my friends,and family members out there this so does not mean that i will do it all the time... i am just say in.... anyway so far me and my sisters have had a good time of course this is just the first day and if you know my family then you know that something is bound to happen....meaning one of us or all of us are most likely going to get hert..sorry i am sometimes easily distracted....and if you haven't herd i died my hair black and got net sec okay here it is..
not a good pic but here it is oh wait here is one of me before

and the blonde on in this is me the other person is my bestie Kenna R.
and way let me just say that i have had a few people sat that they didn't like my new hair and i know that it is there opinion but now i get a little touchy about my hair....
but let me say that there is someone not going to give names but last night this person said "i love it' and  that person said some other things too but i mean like my family loves it well most of them but when you here that sort of thing from someone outside your family it just means alot...... so to the person who you are i would just like to say thank you so much it meant alot thank you so much...
anyway....oh wait what was i saying?????? sorry i am a total blonde....oh ya.
anyway my grandma and grandpa had a great it is they said that if we just take a shower in our clothes we could just wear them i am NOT doing that but for you people out there who hate to change your cloths just take this idea..anyway hopefully i will blog some more through out the week.. until then yours always Kenzie

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