Monday, July 16, 2012

some of my favorite

Remembering can be fun here are some of my favorite memory's
these girls are some very good friends from my homeschool group love you guys....

i am the one on the far left in the purple. fun times
we were trying to go for a spider-man thing

we are pretty weird.....but that's okay because it is way more fun that way!
i don't know what we were doing..

oh ya it was supposed to be charlies angels....ya good times
i love this picture..

we are all REALLY good know what that is wrong we are sisters we are all that close..
this is one of my favorite pictures..

this is me and Kenna R. we are besties!
and this was us in a HUGE chair....

anyway these are some of my favorite moments well except my favorite moment is not in a picture oh well anyway i hope you like them because i do....and let me just say that going through life is hard enough without adding bordom so why not just go through life being weird and living it to the fullest with God right there along side you life would be so much easier so don't fight it embrace it..

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