Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 3 = I was just thinking

so just a couple thoughts so you know when you play on the wii and you play just dance??
you know that someone is really getting into in when someone gets hit in the face with a wii remote..
i have been there i know how it feel not naming names Kenna R....anyway i just need to set some people straight on a certain subject...okay here it is...
okay so you know how everybody thinks that elderly people never do anything and they think that they are just poor little nobodies who have no life???
well if you thought that you would be sadly mistaken....because you know what now a days they are the ones that are out there being dare devils and risking there lives and they are the ones that go to vages not for a prepose but just because they haven't been there in a while...
you know i think that people just have these people all micks up and i think that people just have the wrong idea about them...but let me just say do not under estimate them...they are every where
in fact there are two right beside me....

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