Monday, April 9, 2012


Okay so today was the last day of my home school group for this semester and so many of my friends are going to a high school or privet high school next year and lest just say that someone that is going to privet school next year (Josh) is a little emotional and though he may not admit it we all know that he needed that tishew box that we gave him.(P.s he was not acutely that emotional it was just a joke!)
anyway all you who are in my home school group that are leaving whether it was your humor or your love of black and white movies (caleb) or your emotional ness or your love of butterfly's i will miss you all. so let me just say that it has bin a great couple of years with you all!
and i hope that witch ever school you go to will help you in your life.
             you guys are all awesome
                                                                      Always & Truly

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