Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Random

okay so i babysat this morning and watching those little kid shows showed me more like reminded me how simple there lives really are i mean like all the talk about is how you can't pick your nose i public and then that got me thinking how they eat it (there bugger) and that got me of how i was hungry for a burger then i remberd that i couldn't because i was babysitting.then i started to play with him and that got me tired and then that got me thinking of how tired i was and that i wanted to take a nap (but he did NOT want to) and thinking of a dream that i had the dream was "how i went to the zoo in a big tea cup and it had jello in it and people random people kept walking by and eating it.the thing that got me was how they all had a spoon at the zoo.any way that is it i just thought you all should know

                                                                               Always & Truly

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