Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Easter

okay so i don't know what you do for easter but me and my family go to church were this morning my dad sang in serves (he was AMAZING by the way!) then after that we went to my dads moms house and had a fantastic lunch then after that me (kenzie) and my cousin Jenna and my other cousin Jilly went out side and we couldn't figure out what to do so we ran around the yard aimlessly! fun right.then my aunt Jeannie ALWAYS makes these things called jello eggs they are kind of hard to explain but what they are are these things of jello shaped like an egg and are made of jello.....okay so they aren't that hard to describe anyway they are sooo good.then after that we go on a easter egg hunt and yes i go on the hunt to because you can never be to old to go on an easter egg hunt and push your cousin out of the way to get the best egg. so we did it and i got to collect 24 eggs and after that we finished our time there in sugar rushes!all in all i and a WONDERFUL day (p.s i said WONDERFUL for you dad!)
                                                                               Always & Truly  

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