Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is It Just Me

So is it just me or does it seem that you can't understand a single word anyone says when you turn to the Spanish channel???    well is you speak Spanish then you would probably understand but if you are like me then all that you will understand is when the give someone the birdy (you know THE finger) i do under stand that... oh speaking of the (bird) so we were on the way home and we got behind this car and she starts to speed up and we are like a full car away and then all of a sudden
in the middle of her car we see that she is giving us the bird... she gave us the B...I...R....D...... i just don't know why there would EVER EVER need to do that EVER.... i mean it is so i can't even put into words how stupid that move is.... and she did it a total of four times she finally pulled over to let us pass and she gave us one final bird.... anyway back to the Spanish channel one more thing should turn to it (the Spanish channel) and make-up your own words for what you think is going on it is so much fun i do it with all the time with my mom and it is so much fun... you should try it.

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