Monday, June 18, 2012

My Busy Summer

so sorry that i haven't posted in a while life and summer have been passing me by to quickly.
so anyway this is like the only week that i am not busy. it feels so good not to HAVE to do anything.
although i am having a sleepover tomorrow night with my best friend Kenna R. and we are going to the movie theater to see the move.

it looks good my little sister and my dad already saw it and said it was good so i guess i will find out tomorrow. and then when we get back from the theater we are going to rent the movie

i have seen it once before and i REALLY liked it.. but it is sooooooo not for children under the age of 12 because it is rated PG-13 and they were right to rate it that but the story was REALLY good.. i really like it. anyway after this week i am working at my churches VBS and after that i have church camp and then i am going to my grandmothers (my moms mom) house for a week and then i am going to my other grandmothers (my dads mom) house for three days then two days after that it is my birthday and then summer is over...
anyway that is why i am very busy that is why i will not have very much time this summer to post very much if at all.. so i am very sorry for that..

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