Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thnak You BG Products

so today was the BG picnic (that is the place that my dad works) and we got to go to Tangnyika Wildlife Park for free... BG paid for all the employees and there family's to go for was so cool it is such a fun thing to do.. okay so i am going to list the thing's that i did or saw..
1-i got to be inches away from a giraffe... she was so cutie with her big brown eyes
2-i got over my fear of kangaroo's and i pet a baby kangaroo and a kangaroo that had a baby inside it's pouch..
3-i got over my fear of ring-tail lemurs and i fed and let one crawl on me. they are really cutie a really sweet a sooo soft.
4-i got to pet a baby was so small and had really big ears
5- and last but not least i got to pet a is so soft and so sweet.. and when it "talked" it sounded like a donkey.. it was so wierd.
and one more thing we got to see baby snow leopard and a baby link..
anyway i LOVED that place and i don't like zoo's but i REALLY liked this it was one of the best things that i have aevera done i LOVED it sooo much....... so let me just say Thank You BG Products for letting us go there and makeing such unforgetable memories....

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