Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So this morning at like 9:45 me and Kenna R. went for a walk around my neighborhood and we were walking and talking and then we turned a corner and we just kept walking and talking and then all of a sudden i couldn't canonize were we were and so we said well if we just keep going strait and after doing that for like 30 min. we were TOTALLY and COMPLETELY LOST.. i was loosing my mind i was starting to think of worse case things and Kenna R. is just like well you should have listened to me.and then i say that we should turn around and go back and try to retrace our steps.. so we did and after like 30 more min. we finally made our way back to my house.. lets just say that we were sooooo tired and we about died......... but we didn't and we lived and are here to this day....

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