Sunday, January 29, 2012

My besties

My besties.
i don't know what your best friends are like but mine are.
funny,sporty,fashionable,pretty,loud in sores,lots of fun,and of course they are best friends with me..
My besties.
lets just say they are my adopted sisters they are awesome i would not be who i am without them.
i have known them like my whole life and they are amazing.
when ever i have good or bad news they are always there for me no matter what it is.
and like with one of my besties meghan i mite not see her all the time but i know that she has my back.
and with my other bestie i see her all the time it doesn't mean that that i trust her more than i do meghan because i trust them both because they will always be my besties both of them.
                         i love them
                                there the best

1 comment:

  1. Preach it sister! :) I <3 you too! That is IF you are talking about me. lolz. This makes me want to post somethin about you! :D

    *Kenna R.
    this is NOT Ky.