Saturday, January 21, 2012

My family

If you have not already realized i will fill you in on my family we are weird we are loud in stores we record each others snoring and make it our ring tones we eat until we might just pass out we look at tattoos gone wrong.But anyway what i am about to post is just another example of my family.
okay it all started Thursday night when my mom and older sis were on facebook and my aunt Bobbie and my older sis well for now we will just call her Rapunzel (because she has long hair and it is blond) any way they were talking on facbook and aunt Bobbie ask Rapunzel if she would came over and dance but of course mom said no. any way long story short the next day she surprised us and she came over! no new that she was planing that but her.
any way lets just say when she is here there is never a dull moment!!
i love you aunt Bobbie you are awesome!!

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  1. I love you to. I enjoy coming and spending time with you.