Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Hero

                        My Hero!
           My Hero is someone who is always there for me when i need her.
    She is my BEST friend in the whole world!
she is someone i can talk to when i need to i know she will be there even if it is something stupid,weird,funny,or cool she is the she is my sister she is someone that no matter what will ALWAYS  there. she under stand me even when i am speechless! she is just amazing she is someone that when none else  she can calm me down. in times that seam boring or hopeless she can make it seam well not so boring or hopeless! i love her sooo much she is my sister and best friend in the whole world.and you may say that this is not the reasons for someone  be a hero but these are my reasons and every one has there own reasons for someone to there hero and everyone has there own hero and she is mine.i am so glad that we are besties you are awesome girl!
thanks for being my friend and being there for me when i need you or when i just want to talk i love you girl.
                                               always & truly

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